Saturday, May 4

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

ASCRS President's Remarks

Nick Mamalis, MD

2019 ASCRS David A. Karcher Honored Guests

David A. Karcher Honered Guest W. Andrew Maxwell David A. Karcher Honered Guest Donald N. Serafano, MD
W. Andrew Maxwell, MD, PhD Donald N. Serafano, MD

ASCRS established the Honored Guest Award at the 2004 ASCRS•ASOA Annual Meeting. The award honors luminaries whose life-long clinical, research or ophthalmic industry experience and accomplishments enable the recipient to offer a unique perspective on the current state of ophthalmology and the healing arts. In 2018, ASCRS renamed the award for the society's longtime executive director, David A. Karcher.


ASCRS Foundation Update and Presentation of 2019 Chang Humanitarian Award

The Chang award, which is endowed by Dr. David F. Chang and his wife, Victoria, was created to celebrate and highlight outstanding humanitarian work in the area of cataract blindness.

ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame Ceremony

The annual ceremony honors the distinguished careers of two inductees and their contributions to ophthalmology.

ASCRS Binkhorst Lecture

ASCRS Binkhorst Lecturer Stephen Pflugfelder The Quest for Tear Stability

The Binkhorst Medal is awarded annually to a recipient whose contributions to ophthalmic science and practice have established him or her among the world’s most prominent ophthalmologists.

Featuring: Stephen C. Pflugfelder, MD