Technicians and Nurses Sunday Highlights | ASCRS
Technicians & Nurses Program

Sunday Highlights

Jul 25, 2021

Session A
Anterior Segment Infections
Bennie Jeng, MD
Current Concepts in Glaucoma: Management of the Glaucoma Patient
Neil Choplin, MD
Learning the Hard Way: Lessons from Claims Data
Linda Harrison, PhD
Management of OSD in the Preoperative Cataract Patient
Francis Mah, MD Cynthia Matossian, MD Richard Ten Hulzen, MD, Bennie Jeng, MD
Difficult Patient Conversations
Jack Parker, MD, PhD
Session B
Corneal Dystrophies
Darby Miller, MD, MPH
Michael Stewart, MD
Refractive Surgery: What Can We Treat and Who Don’t We Want to Treat?
Karl G. Stonecipher, MD
OMNI® Surgical System Update: 3-Point Attack
Michael Greenwood, MD
You Want to Do WHAT in the Office? Corneal Transplants: Types, Techniques and Procedures
Eric D. Rosenberg, DO
OSD and Preoperative IOL Calculations: What Do You Need to Know?
Richard Ten Hulzen, MD