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Evaluation of Depth of Focus Curves for a Trifocal IOL
May 2019
Meeting: 2019 Annual Meeting
Author: Vance Thompson, MD
Poster ID: 56735
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Poster Abstract

To evaluate the binocular defocus curves of the Alcon Monofocal IOL (SN60AT) and the Alcon Trifocal IOL designed to provide a continuous range of vision from near to distance. 
Single-center 6 month data from a prospective, multi-center, confirmatory Trifocal IOL trial were analysed. Subjects (n=16) were bilaterally implanted after femtosecond laser cataract surgery with the Alcon Trifocal IOL. Binocular defocus curves were generated between +1.50 D and -2.50 D in 0.50 D steps (0.25 D steps from +0.50 to -0.50 D) to evaluate the depth of focus provided by the lens. Evaluation was performed on an electronic visual acuity test system (M&S Technologies).
At 6 month post-op, the mean binocular uncorrected VAs were -0.02±0.11, 0.01±0.10 and 0.07 ±0.11 logMAR for distance (4m), intermediate (66cm) and near (40cm), respectively. One hundred percent of subjects had binocular uncorrected VA of 20/40 or better at distance, intermediate and near, with 75% of these subjects achieving 20/25 or better at all three distances. A binocular distance corrected VA of 20/32 or better was achieved by 100% of subjects at all distances and a distance corrected VA of 20/25 or better by 94% of subjects. Mean distance binocular VA of 20/25 or better was observed with a defocus range from +0.50D to -2.5D, and 20/20 or better with defocus of +0.25D to -0.25D.
These single-site results show that the trifocal IOL (PanOptix) provided a visual performance of 20/25 or better for a range of vision from distance to near.

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