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Exhibitors at the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting

Exhibitor Dashboard

In order to access the exhibitor dashboard, you will need to have purchased an exhibit booth. Once your booth application is submitted you will receive an auto-generated username and password to access your account.

In the exhibitor dashboard you will be able to update your company contact information, company description and product categories. The company information you include here is what will show in your online booth profile to attendees.

In your dashboard you can also make a payment at any time - checks are no longer accepted.

The affiliate function application, link to hotel reservations, exhibitor badge registration and Freeman Online Service Kit will be located in your exhibitor dashboard when those items are available in February.

Exhibitors at the ASCRS ASOA Annual Meeting

The platform in which you register your staff badges will remain the same however in order to keep traffic lines short on-site at Moscone (with respect to social distance as much as we can in this area) there will be a new process for badge pick up. See below. I will also send reminders each month with this new process. Due to city regulations set forth for the 2021 Annual Meeting there are no exceptions to the below, everyone is required to follow these guidelines.

  • Any company with 95 badges or less (that is 30x30 booths and smaller) will register your badges as normal online and you will have the option to have your badges mailed to one place preferably to you as the main contact, select a day & pick-up time to get your entire team's badges (it will have to the complete list or none) or you can have your team pick up their own badges on-site.
  • Every company with an allotment of 96 or more (that is 40x40 booths and larger) you will be required to select one of the options below before registering any of your staff online:
  1. Option 1 - select to have all your badges mailed to the booth contact and pay the corresponding fee (TBD at this time) You will be able to provide a UPS/FedEx account number if you have one, along with the shipping address you prefer.
  2. Option 2 - You MUST select a day and time to pick up ALL badges and lanyards for your team. You will have to pick up all badges registered at the same time, we will not permit or grant specific names to be printed.
  • If you are having your badges mailed, it is your responsibility to determine how to disperse them to your team.
  • If you are having your badges mailed, the cut off to register your staff online is July 16.
  • All lanyards will be picked up on-site by each individual. (location TBD)
  • If you are exhibiting at ASCRS Subspecialty Day Exhibitor, you must also take a lanyard for that meeting otherwise security will not permit you in that exhibit/meeting area on-site.
  • If anyone forgets their badge, they will need to wait in line on-site to retrieve another and a reprint fee will apply. Payable by credit card or cash only and must be paid at that time. We will not bill the company for the reprint.

Badge Allotments & Fees

  • Exhibiting company will qualify for (6) complimentary exhibitor personnel badges per 10x10 (100 SF) exhibit space. Each additional badge (over allotment) will cost $300.00.
  • Exhibiting companies at ASCRS Subspecialty Day will receive (2) complimentary exhibitor personnel badges, per tabletop exhibit space. Each additional badge (over allotment) will cost $300.00
  • Changes to a badge after it has been printed will result in a non-refundable charge of $300.00. Replacement of a lost badge will result in a non-refundable charge of $300.00

Companies That Share a Booth

  • If your booth is sharing with another company the allotment will show under the parent company in the booth. Please contact the parent company with your badge list or if you have any questions on how to proceed. If you are not sure which is the "parent" company, please email me.
  • The parent company booth contact will be able to upload or enter their names and have access to change the company name on the badges.

Food & Beverage Offering

ASCRS and the Catering team at the Moscone Center will have many options available within the facility to enjoy while networking with colleagues and industry partners. Details will be available in early 2021.

Shuttle Bus Schedule 

ASCRS will provide shuttle service to and from designated hotels that are not in walking distance to the Moscone Center. A shuttle schedule will be published in early 2021.

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