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Young Eye Surgeons

For Surgeons. For You … Too!

ASCRS YES (young eye surgeons) is a category of membership specifically for residents, fellows, and physicians within their first 5 years of practice. YES members have access to the broader ASCRS benefits and community while also finding a niche of individuals and resources relevant to their career stage. 

Expand your network, connect with leaders in the field, and establish your career in ophthalmology on the solid foundation that ASCRS offers with year-round educational opportunities, advocacy efforts, and philanthropic endeavors.

Yes Resources

ASCRS has a wealth of resources, some of which are designed specifically for the YES audience. The YES Clinical Committee hosts a monthly YES Connect Webinar on non-clinical topics as well as issues that are relevant specifically to the YES audience. The YES Newsletter is a monthly publication sent to YES members, featuring the latest news and events. There is also a range of YES Programming designed specifically for or recommended to YES members.



Are you a resident or U.S. fellow?

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Are you a U.S. surgeon within your first 5 years?

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