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IC-209 Tackling Posterior Capsular Rupture and IOL Implantation: Video Course
April 2022
Meeting: 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Course Instructor: Priya Narang, MD
Co-Instructors: Kevin M. Miller, MD, Elizabeth Yeu, MD, Mitchell P. Weikert, MD, ABO, Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth, Jason J. Jones, MD
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Course Description
The video-based course will showcase videos on various aspects of inadvertent occurrence of posterior capsule rupture (PCR) during a cataract surgery, followed by its effective management. At the conclusion of this course, the attendees will be able to effectively handle a case of PCR and perform a posterior capsulorhexis and also will be able to retrieve a sinking nucleus or an IOL followed by its effective placement.

Educational Objective
I want the learner to be able to effectively handle a posterior capsule rupture and minimise further complication by proper handling of vitreous and capsular tears. Correct method of IOL placement will also be emphasised.

2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting Instructional Courses

This 1.5 hour Instructional Course was recorded at the 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on April 22-25. 

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