Film 81649: A Whole New World | ASCRS
Film 81649: A Whole New World
April 2022
Meeting: 2022 ASCRS Annual Meeting
Presenting Author: Viraj Vasavada, MS
Producers: Aditya Sudhalkar, MS, FLVPEI; Samaresh Srivastava; Vaishali Vasavada, MS; Shail A. Vasavada, DO, DNB, FICO
Category: Special Interest
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As ophthalmologists, we are often focused on our daily practice and lose sight of the fundamental principles of the practice of medicine, and life, in general. This film, a personal journey of an Ophthalmologist following a life-changing event, summarises pearls from her personal experience that will be useful to all ophthalmologists to make their professional and personal lives more meaningful

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