COVID-19: News You Can Use May 5, 2020 | ASCRS

COVID-19: News You Can Use May 5, 2020

Update to CARES Provider Relief Fund Attestation

HHS has clarified that the total distribution for a provider from the Provider Relief Fund should be approximately 2% of 2018 gross revenue, based on the following:

To calculate your estimated total allocation, divide your "Gross Receipts or Sales" or "Program Service Revenue" by 2.5 trillion and then multiply by 50 billion. ((Gross Receipts or Sales) / 2,500,000,000,000) * 50,000,000,000

To determine whether a provider will likely receive additional funding from the $20 Billion, a provider should examine its 2018 gross patient revenue, as detailed below.

  • If the provider received less than 2% of 2018 gross revenue from the initial $30 billion distribution, then the provider may be eligible to receive additional funding up to the 2% calculation.
  • If the distribution from the initial $30 billion is more than 2% of 2018 gross revenue, then the provider will likely need to contact the CARES Provider Relief hotline to determine next steps.
  • Note that this calculation should be done for all TINs tied to 2018 net patient revenue amount.

Further, HHS has stated that the “names of payment recipients and the amounts received” will be publicly available for “all providers who attest to receipt of a payment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.” HHS further notes that a provider should not attest unless the payment is consistent with the estimated allocation.

To estimate the amount likely to be received via this portal application, subtract the amount of payments already received from your total estimated total allocation above.

Please do not attest if the payments you have received already exceed your estimated total allocation. Please contact the CARES Provider Relief hotline at (866) 569-3522 if you believe that you have received an overpayment.

Addendum to Tele-Ophthalmology Guide Including all COVID-19 Telemedicine Changes

The ASCRS and ASOA Telemedicine Task Force has developed an addendum to the Introduction to Tele-Ophthalmology Guide, which reflects all the telemedicine coverage and reimbursement changes due to the pandemic.

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