Bowman Layer Transplantation, Novel Technique for Donor Preparation | ASCRS
Film 77894: Bowman Layer Transplantation, Novel Technique for Donor Preparation
July 2021
Meeting: 2021 ASCRS Annual Meeting
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Film ID: 77894
Presenting Author: Valentina Berríos Dolz, MD
Producers: Ana García-Albisua, MD; Guillermo de Wit, MD
Category: Refractive/Cornea Surgery

Bowman layer transplantation is a surgical alternative for those patients with advanced keratoconus, out of range for crosslinking and at high risk for penetrating keratoplasty. We present a novel technique for donor preparation, using Femto second and excimer laser, and then the implant of the same using intraoperative optical coherence tomography technology, with excellent postoperative results.

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